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Uber Community Manager & Operations and Logistics

Uber Community Manager & Operations and Logistics

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Calling all rockstars — Uber is growing like crazy in the Midwest and they’re hiring for city teams in Chicago and Dallas! The Uber interview process isn’t easy, but they’re hitting fast forward for a select group of standouts.

By completing the steps below, you’ll bypass all the paperwork and jump right to the best part: a face-to-face meeting with Uber’s entire Midwest team.

Fill out this form by Monday January 20 to get started! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

  • Uber will send you a short and sweet version of one of their usual tests within 24 hours
  • Once they gather results, top performers (most likely YOU) will receive an invitation to an exclusive happy hour with the full team
  • Don’t forget to fill out the form above!


  • Community Managers: Do you ever find yourself holding court at the bar, telling strangers about Uber? We need creative hustlers ready to think outside of the box and spread the good word.
  • Operations and Logistics Managers: Do you have a spreadsheet where you track the seasonality of your detergent purchases? We need people passionate about logistics, obsessed with data and looking to make a city more efficient.

In a word – YES! You’ll benefit from perks like working with a smart and talented team, building out an amazing product that you’re passionate about, and the opportunity to grow and advance with a rising tech company. Need we also mention that a trunkload of Uber credits is included every month? :-)

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