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Check Out Cherub’s Food-Themed LP, 'Year of the Caprese'

Check Out Cherub’s Food-Themed LP, 'Year of the Caprese'

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Cherub will release 'Year of the Caprese' in late May

'Year of the Caprese' is Cherub's first major label album release.

Nashville-based duo Cherub (Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley) will release “Year of the Caprese,” their first major label album, on May 27th through Columbia Records. In 2012, the group released their song “Doses and Mimosas,” an upbeat single tailor-made for summer rooftop gatherings.

Since its release, “Doses and Mimosas” has been viewed on YouTube over two million times, and has held a steady presence on Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart in the U.S. and worldwide. Currently, the song is 28th on the Billboard Alternative radio airplay chart.

The band’s first EP, “Antipasto,” serves as the precursor (or amuse-bouche?) to the full “Year of the Caprese” LP. You can listen to the EP now through SoundCloud.

The food theme, if only tangential, is clearly working for them right now but you shouldn’t expect a culinary education.

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