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Quick dessert cake with apples - Pomme nantais

Quick dessert cake with apples - Pomme nantais

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Peel the apples and cut them into slices.

Cook and brown the apples with 20 g of butter and a tablespoon of sugar.

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.

Mix eggs with 40 g of sugar. Add flour, remaining melted butter and milk. Pour the composition into a greased tray (20/30 cm).

Place the apples on top and sprinkle the remaining sugar -30 g over them.

Bake for 20-30 minutes (25 minutes for my oven).

Check the baking with a knife blade - it should come out clean.

Allow to cool, dust with powdered sugar and cut into portions.

Quick dessert cake with apples - Pomme nantais - Recipes


After & quotPastizz with Ricotta & quot, I propose this time with peas.

Pastizzi& # 160 is a very popular puff pastry or brick appetizer in Malta.

It has an elongated shape and is filled with ricotta or pea cream.

Warm out of the oven is delicious, a great combination between crispy dough and fondant cream.

Pastizzi have been made in Malta for over 500 years and appear in the period books of the Knights of the Order.

These crunchy appetizers are eaten without hunger and are available almost everywhere in Malta on small stands or in cafes.

1 puff pastry dough
300 g of peeled green peas
30 g of grated cheese
2 small onions (shallots)
1 clove of garlic
chopped parsley
1 tablespoon turmeric powder
2 tablespoons oil
salt and pepper

Quick dessert cake with apples - Pomme nantais - Recipes

1 beautiful sea bream - depending on your biggest pan :)
1 shallot or green onion
1 clove of garlic
1 red
1/2 red pepper
4-5 tablespoons oil
20 g of butter
salt pepper
thyme, laurel

Wash and cut the tomato and red pepper into cubes.
In a small but deep pot, heat a tablespoon of oil.
Return the chopped onion and garlic. Add the dried thyme and bay leaf.
Put the tomatoes and peppers and cook for 5-8 minutes.
Add salt and pepper.
Prepare the fish, clean it, add salt and pepper.
I filled it with a little of the red-pepper composition.
You can flour it on both sides if you want - dry it first with a paper towel.
In a large pan with a thick bottom, heat 2 tablespoons of oil and butter.
Put the sea bream on high heat and color it for 5 minutes.
Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
Put in the pan in a drizzle of oil and turn the sea bream.
Let it color on the other side for 5-10 minutes. Check if it is not raw.
Present it whole on a plate.
You can accompany it with sauteed or boiled potatoes and the prepared sauce.

Good appetite!

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Yammy !! How good do I look? these sweets! How precious and how delicate I look. And what suffering ?? it's s? do i need s? choose an aroma ?! Is it good that? are put in the box in the "assorted?" variant. From the multitude of flavors, they like them all in different circumstances, but if? must? I only choose one, eh? prefer now. "A balanced and delicious dose of happiness" with roses. Not being an aroma? very common? And reminiscent of the "old" rose bush. Yes. I think it's the perfect combination? which s? des? v r? easc? sweet, unique moment.

why can't i account and it tells me that this user already exists in the database even though i don't have an account

Super delicious! I admit that I would try them all but to choose the ones with chocolate are the favorites

Madame Lucie is right, all flavors are irresistible, and it would be impossible to choose a winning flavor. Each has its magic and its specificity, being unique and full of flavor. Personally, I lean towards raspberry macarons, a delicate taste, and at the same time very aromatic.

To what cruel and appetizing and delicious sufferings my eyes are exposed, but especially the taste buds that only contain the desire to enjoy these sweets. I covet from the 9 varieties of chestnuts with raspberry flavor, something seasonal, sweet and fragrant with which to intoxicate all my senses. Don't think that it was easy for me to choose considering that all my assortments contain my favorite flavors. However, I console myself with the idea that I will have the chance to taste them all in the end.

It looks deliciously tasty. On my taste it will definitely be the one with coffee flavor because I can't imagine a day without coffee.

the cakes are delicious especially because they have raspberry flavor

I think apples and cinnamon are my favorite

the ones with roses are definitely my favorites

I didn't know about these cakes, they look great, I think they are very fine. I would choose the ones with coffee, I'm not a coffee drinker, but I like coffee-flavored cakes.

I think I would enjoy the ones with raspberries all the time. It's hard to choose from so many wonders.

The ones with cherries attract me a lot :)

I'm crazy about chocolate cakes so I choose chocolate macaroni but also the ones with coffee make my eye :))

I would like the ones with apples and cinnamon, I love this combination

the ones with chocolate look great)

Good evening ! I start by telling you that these cakes look very good. I have always taken care of my figure and especially what I eat. I really like sweets and that's why I try to eat something good and healthy at the same time! I would be very pleased to taste the lemon or chocolate cookies! I hope I have the opportunity! Thank you!

they all look great, but I would prefer the ones with lemon or vanilla

I would like to try them all, but I think the best ones are the ones with chocolate.

they all look great but I eat the cherry pink ones with my eyes ..

The ones with lemon I think are excellent, I would very much like to try them

I think they are all excellent but I am most attracted to the ones with cherries :)

I'm already salivating on the monitor at the ones with raspberries :)), tomorrow what bn looks like

Good evening, I entered the site and I was left with cravings :)), it looks super good but the ones with chocolate and cherries made me stay silent. I hope to win :))

Fondants are my favorites. They all look so good that I don't care what I eat. I would like to try them all.

yamiii !! only goodies on this site! definitely the assortment I would like to try first would be the ones with coffee flavor. but it was hard for me to choose "a favorite assortment" because I would eat them all without thinking)))))

..late hour, ban therefore! I don't want anything (I impose myself), and yet, the aroma of coffee is enticing. I bit with pathos from such goodness! To feel it melt in your mouth, to touch it with your tongue and to feel its flavor. I want her, and yet I'm cured. At least one, I promise to eat only one. At least let me admire them. I will open the box and admire them in silence. For 3 days I only eat fruits..only apples and grafts..I can't anymore. I want something sweet! I want coffee cakes! I promise not to eat anything else as tasty!

I would like them all but my favorites are the ones with oranges.

I don't think these wonderful desserts need any more presentation. of the 9 delicious varieties, it's hard to decide which would be "better", because obviously they are all different. However, because I like coffee, I chose the coffee macaroni version. I look forward to tasting them!

I think I would choose the vanilla assortment, which is not only to my taste, but to the whole family!

is it really earned.

I would choose the ones with chocolate, they look great.

then I look forward to offering them to me

Wow, how many assortments, they all look delicious! 5 boxes of Macarons would be heaven on earth! But still if I had 5 boxes at my disposal I think I would wait until July 17 when it's my birthday to share them with my relatives and friends !! I really watch Carlo's Bakery on Discovery every day and I understand how hard it is to work with this fondant, how meticulously you have to work to get something perfect !! It should be such a store with such candy and in Craiova! I would subscribe to them immediately! The colors of these candies do not let you choose a single assortment! But if I had to choose I think I would choose the vanilla assortment!

I think they are all delicious but I would prefer the orange ones. the way they are packed and the physical appearance give an extraordinary note

This is the dessert you can hardly refrain from. They are extremely beautiful and delicious. The parachute would be handmade. Certainly the one who made them has some relationship with the fantasy world. ) And I choose because that's the rule of the contest. not that I could do that. And my choice would be directed towards those with chocolate

I love the aroma of cinnamon and cherries, so it would definitely come first.

The cakes look insane, I like them all and I would like to try their taste, but mainly the ones with chocolate and coffee. I think I would fight them with my 3 and a half year old girl who is crazy about sweets.

Wow, I didn't expect to find such a prize for a contest. Definitely the ones with coffee will be my favorites. It all looks magnificent.


My favorite is the one with raspberries.

They all seem extremely appetizing to me. But because I love chocolate, I would choose the delicacies from coffee and chocolate!

I think my favorite variety of Macarons would be the one with apples and cinnamon.

I love Paris like a piano of aromas, from the foam of sweet holidays: the fondant taste of the Rive Gauche, the marzipan breeze from Montmartre, the cappuccino breeze from the Jardin du Luxembourg. Now I can enjoy La vie en rose right here, in Little Paris, because the holidays have come, with sweets from France! Les Macarons Framboise, the crunchy temptations, have arrived! Thank you very much, Madame Lucie.

I prefer the Macarons assortment with chocolate

What a beautiful gift I would give to my loved ones.

Probably my favorite would be the aroma of cinnamon apples, because strangely it reminds me of winter, that is, the good part of winter, where you can share with your loved ones at the mouth of a fireplace a portion of ripe apples with cinnamon. I already feel like they're melting in my mouth.

The ones with chocolate I think are bestial, the ones with mama look like they leave water in your mouth. why do I just have to choose an assortment when all looks to forget about the diet!

I choose 100% chocolate! I am crazy about chocolate and I am convinced that I am a maximum delight.

I consider this contest to be a challenge for me. I feel like a greedy child in front of a box of fondant and forced to choose only one piece of the wonder in front of him. It's hard to just choose an assortment when I'm crazy about the delicious raspberry flavor and I never refuse to enjoy the wonderful taste of chocolate. I want to try them all, to enjoy their aroma and to always remember the perfect taste of Macarons cookies / fondants.

My favorite macaroni assortment is Rose / Rose

I am a gourmet and I want to win all sorts of chocolates

The ones with raspberries seem delicious to me.

They are all appetizing and although they are struggling with the extra pounds I would try them all. I think my favorite assortment would be the rose ones.

Candies, what a dream world they make up and if they also have chocolate. a deity. What could be more pleasant to enjoy, in moments of intimacy or deep relaxation, a small chocolate candy? What pleasure, what miracle, what delight, what caress, what greater relaxation can there be than this chocolate candy? Many times I can't express in words the pleasure and peace that the enjoyment of a chocolate or chocolate candy can give me, but it must be made of or with chocolate. Touching her velvet is wonderful. I have no words to express more what I feel when I enjoy them.

How good do I look? these sweets! How precious and how delicate I look. And what suffering ?? it's s? do i need s? choose an aroma ?! Is it good that? are put in the box in the "assorted?" variant. From the multitude of flavors, they like them all in different circumstances, but if? must? I only choose one, eh? I prefer now. I consider this contest a challenge for me! But still if I had 5 boxes available I think I would wait until July 8 when it's my birthday to share with my children and my nieces and relatives and friends my!! I want to try them all, to enjoy their aroma and to always remember the perfect taste of Macarons cookies / fondants. A balanced and delicious dose of happiness "with roses. Not a very common aroma? and remembering the "old" rose herb. Yes, I think it's the perfect combination to enhance the sweet, unique moment.

I would take them all, I think they are delicious, or super delicious. but because only one assortment needs to be named and because I'm crazy about chocolate. I say CHOCOLATE

mmmm they all look delicious, but because I love chocolate I choose the one with chocolate

To be honest, I haven't tried them, but I think they are delicious, especially since they are dietary.

How beautiful they all look and I think they also taste good. Most of all I would like to taste the ones with raspberries :-)

France conquered the world with these round, crispy cakes on the outside, soft on the inside, glued two by two with different types of creams. Preparations made from egg white, sugar and almond powder, enriched with the finest Macarons flavors, were originally created not in France, as one might think, but somewhere in a convent of nuns in Venice, in 8th century At first, they did not attract anyone's attention until Catherine de Medicis, eight centuries later, in the process of preparing for her wedding to the Duke of Orleans, the future king of France, sought more special and chosen recipes. That's how he discovered the "macarons" recipe for nuns. The same Catherine de Medicis is the one who wrote the first "official" recipe for macarons and she also saved her little one from death from a stomach disease (she fed him only "macarons" for a few weeks, until the child gets to his feet). Subsequently, the recipe for "macarons" diversified, so that each region of France contributed something to the enrichment of the original dish. In parallel, a confectioner from the Basque Country, who went down in history as M. Adam, served at the wedding of the Sun King (Louis XIV), in 1660, "macarons". An essential contribution to what are, today, "macarons", had Louis Ernest Laduree. Confectioner, pastry chef and baker, he was the first to stick two "macarons" with a cream in the middle, thus creating the final shape of the cake. It happened in 1868, in Paris. Laduree also founded a famous chain of confectioneries, which still exists today, in France, in Europe, but also on other continents. Laduree also created the salty variants, combined with goose pate and truffle paste. Hmm! We could say about Macarons , that it fits perfectly in the chapter: Modern recipes for women in a hurry. And in terms of preferences, I face a real embarrassment of choice within the 9 assortments, all just as delicious so raspberry, chocolate, lemon, apples or whatever, because parfles parfums et les couleurs he replies (to remind Baudelaire)!

They look delicious and I would enjoy them all but the lemon ones are my favorites. Thank you!

the ones with chocolate look great

they are all insane and it is very difficult to choose. Be it lemon or coffee? However, if I have to stop at one assortment, I would start with the rose assortment. I can not wait :)

It's not easy to choose from so many assortments that steal your eye. I think the coffee ones attract me the most.

Have I never tasted it? this type of cake / candy. even now, looking at me? to park pictures? I shuddered. In the good sense of the word. I have a "stomach orgasm" :)) Being addicted? of chocolate? . clear a? opt for chocolates? . and if? a? had the opportunity to? Do you probably like them? do an honest review.

Personally, I would like the ones with chocolate, but my boyfriend will give them raspberries or lemon, maybe we have the opportunity to taste them :)))

I like all assortments but would like to try the ones with coffee flavor and the ones with apple flavor - cinnamon

I'm crazy about the taste of coffee in cakes, so I'm convinced that the Coffee / Cafe assortment would be my favorite.

I'm crazy about sweets, I would try them all, but I think the favorites are the ones with chocolate.

yamiiiiiiii. they all look super nice, but I would opt for the ones with cherries first :)

It looks super delicious and appetizing. I have never tried these products, but the ones with cherries I think are wonderful!

Tough choice!! But I think most of all I would like to try macarons with roses / roses because I rarely had the opportunity to taste this aroma.

The ones with cherries attract me a lot. they all look great

I would opt for the ones with chocolate but I would also like the ones with roses

The smile with coffee winks at me, as if I feel it melt in my mouth :))

wow how good it looks. especially those with raspberries.

I like all sorts but would like to try the ones with apple flavor - cinnamon

From the multitude of assortments, in my opinion (of course taking into account personal tastes) the raspberry-raspberry assortment leads detachedly. Why? For the simple fact that raspberries are a fruit with a UNIQUE taste, full of flavor, unmistakable and delicate. Raspberries are a considered fruit. delicacy, because it is quite difficult to find, not being a fruit that grows on large areas. MMMM how tasty I think they are raspberry macarons. It leaves my mouth watering, just thinking about this product..Yam, yam, yam.

All the cookies look absolutely delicious, but I think I would prefer the ones with chocolate.

All the assortments look delicious, but I prefer the ones with orange.

I like all sorts but I'm tempted by the vanilla ones.

I couldn't decide on just one assortment and so I chose 2: the one with coffee and the one with chocolate because they are my favorites.

It looks great and I think my favorite assortment would be the one with raspberries.

I like all sorts but I'm tempted by the cherry ones :)

The raspberry one looks great, it makes my raspberries go crazy

I would like to try them all, but I think the best ones are the ones with roses as well as jam.

I would choose the ones with coffee, I think they are very good. Good luck!

They are so colorful that you feel like eating them! I think I am most attracted to the assortments of vanilla and cherry biscuits!

The ones with vanilla flavor I would like to taste.

I like chocolate, so the ones with chocolate flavor.

As it looks without a doubt, I would like them all, but I will limit myself to those with cherries.

I would definitely like the ones with coffee for the first time

First of all, I want to tell you that I discovered this site with great pleasure I accessed this site and suddenly, I entered another world. It's as if I entered an antique shop and in a corner, somewhere hidden, a table was waiting for me. A small round table with flower-shaped legs at the ends, as if made of lily vines. On the table, a porcelain teapot lets out coffee-raised fumes like an elephant's horn. Mmmm. a scent that tempts me to take a seat on the white, impeccable chair, specially created to keep the table company. She, the pretty lady, he the stylish and well-mannered gentleman. Next to the porcelain teapot, there is a white cup on one side, with alabaster inlays that can't wait to be visited by the steaming liquid, and, on the other side, a crystal box, through which I can only glimpse a color. chocolate, like the skin of a black woman on a cotton plantation. So I sit down, take courage and pour into my cup the magic liquid that immediately envelops me with the unmistakable aroma of Brazilian coffee. But my eyes turn to the crystal box that does not yet reveal its secret. I'm afraid to open it, but I have the courage to pull it closer. I close my eyes and think that nothing will happen to me if I open it. Therefore, I open the lid, impatiently put my fingers and touch what I found there. Hm. it's something that has a harder consistency on the outside, but my fingers also feel fluffy core. Suddenly, however, my nostrils are flooded with an aroma of French chocolate. Hatred! Chocolate! I quickly put the magic diskette in my mouth and my taste senses are turned upside down! The chocolate aroma is wrapped in an almond scent. The outside of the magic ball in the mouth is harder at first, then the fluffy core also takes its place. It's something magical, unforgettable and the experience is unique! I think you've already realized. In this unforgettable atmosphere, in the porcelain box, I discovered a chocolate-flavored macaroon and spent the afternoon like a vintage lady! But I am left with one question: Madame Lucie, why haven't I discovered you so far?

I oscillate between vanilla raspberries and roses. But I think I would like the ones with raspberries because they look deliciously good and I think they are very refreshing.

the ones with lemon look delicious

I want to try the ones with apples

those with cherries look delicious

I like the ones with chocolate

And the name Madame Lucie of the brand, makes me think of Proust's madelains, with the aroma of childhood. So I would definitely choose chocolate cookies, the sweet taste of youth.

products look great a prize that deserves congratulations

those with vanilla and chocolate flavor

The ones with the rose remind me of my grandmother's sweetness, of my childhood. They are definitely the favorites.

I think they are all excellent, it's a pity we don't have such a thing in Constanta because I'm crazy about sweets, but I would try the ones with raspberries.

You kind of play with us, the organizers! If I was pregnant, you were conscious. Today is my birthday (actually, until I realized "it was" my birthday, because it's already past midnight) and I read my messages with wishes, but since I received the message with the contest ad, I don't take my eyes off those cakes anymore. Hard, very hard to choose, they all look irresistible, but if I had to choose only one flavor, I would probably take the first one out of the box the one with roses.

Alas, how good it looks, to be honest I would try every assortment. I can wait to win at least one cake

I think I would try raspberry macarons first. mmmm

I would like to try raspberry macarons. mmm

I would like to try the ones with raspberries

When I hear the word candy, all my senses are already sharp and I start to smell like cartoon characters! I never refuse anything with chocolate. But it is very difficult for me to choose the most of the most! Because I am a big coffee drinker (my saying is. My blood type is coffee!) And because I have to choose only one assortment, I will opt for coffee flavored macarons. Scenario: Morning, tender sun, terrace, red roses, chocolate croissant, coffee. and coffee-flavored macarons.

I would choose the traditional chocolate, it is always inviting and chosen by most customers, I consider that chocolate never goes out of style, everything made of chocolate has a magnificent taste, it is impossible to miss this flavor. They look great, both they and the boxes. I think I'm a perfect gift. They look delicious and I'm sure they are very good.

hmmmm..I oscillate between those with cherries and those with apples and cinnamon but I think I will stick to cherries :) miam

The best ones are with coffee, I discovered them in Paris in the famous Le Printemps store and in Lafayette Galleries, I'm glad that they have now arrived in Romania as well.

Hi! My favorite assortment of macaroni is apples and cinnamon.

They all look fabulous, but the ones with chocolate leave my mouth watering. ))

I like the ones with chocolate

There are 10 macarons in the box. There are 9 varieties of macarons, all super appetizing. But my preference is sure to be the coffee one. Of course, if I won a box, in which there would be a macaroni of each flavor and two of coffee, I would be happy, it would be great.

The ones with cherries look delicious!

All assortments are tempting and certainly tasty, but if it is to be chosen, I prefer the ones with chocolate flavor and the ones with coffee flavor.

My favorite assortment of macaroni is apples and cinnamon. I love the combination

I think I would try raspberry macarons first, delicious

I admit that I would try them all but I choose the ones with chocolate

After the ones with cherries I melt, I adore cherries but they tempt me too much, God forbid :))

Surely . I would try them all. Looks very good. I wink. the ones with chocolate!: P :)

"Roses", yes, this would certainly be the assortment I would like to taste the most. It is something special, an aroma / taste that you do not find in many other sweets.

With chocolate, although I would try them all

it's cruel, really cruel. how to resist such a bouquet of colors. how to choose just one. terrible offf. the ones with vanilla sound the most tempting right

They are wonderful! What a discovery you have made! I'm only thinking about them now. My favorites are with roses!

They are wonderful! What a discovery you have made! I'm only thinking about them now. My favorites are with roses!

My favorites are the ones with raspberries, but I'm pretty attracted to them all.

I think the best are the ones with chocolate, I love chocolate

I like all the assortments but I would like to try the ones with apple flavor - cinnamon

I think I would try macarons with raspberries first, then with cherries. yamiii

The best ones look like the ones with cherries!

the ones with coffee attract me a lot :) success to me :))

From all these enticing flavors, I would choose raspberry macarons.

I think I would like the coffee and lemon ones the most.

How could you choose a single flavor? I, who can't afford to eat cakes because I'm on a diet, I would taste them no matter the day, the moment, the occasion. Not long ago I had a new TV show E! and I think I've heard a thousand times about these cookies! The way they look and the fame they have should be more than phenomenal!

I think my favorite variety of macarons is cherries

The ones with coffee tempt me badly :))

I would like to try the ones with lemon. Good luck! Poop

I choose macarons with raspberries, but I would like to taste them all

all are very delicious, but most of all I would like the ones with cherries and oranges. If I won, I would offer these goodies to those close to me.

The favorite assortment is oranges and chocolate

they are all very delicious, but most of all I would like the ones with lemon and raspberry

I prefer the ones with cherries

My favorite assortment is the one with oranges, they all appeal to me and I would like to try them.

The ones I like the most are with the aroma of a rose, but they are all absolutely divine.

I would try them all! I would like to see with my own eyes how to make these wonderful straws and at least taste a little of the crumbs. at least a little. that I don't have Monica Columbeanu's money to buy.

It seems to me or part of your answer is copied from me.

Sunt innebunita dupa toate dar preferatele mele sunt cele cu zmeura.Ador zmeura si preparatele cu zmeura.Imi sunt chiar indicate, deoarece nu stau bine cu colesterolul si nici cu greutatea.Daca voi castiga,gustand din toate cele 5 sortimente cred ca niciodata nu le voi abandona.

Toate sunt irezistibile,datorita efectului"crocant si fondant",sunt asa delicate si minunate,este greu sa alegi,totusi eu ador ciocolata ,sa zicem ca o aleg pe cea cu ciocolata.

Eu le-as incerca pe cele cu zmeura,doamne ce bine arata toate

Arata delicios si le-as savura pe toate dar cele de portocale sunt preferatele mele.

Sunt innebunita dupa toate dar preferatele mele sunt cele cu visine,m-ar tenta si cele cu cafea:)

Toate sint foarte tentante si le-as savura cu placere pe toate, dar cred ca spre ciocolata m-as indrepta mai intii, desi sint convinsa ca si cele cu mere/scortisoara sau visine sint delicioase. Si vanilie sau portocala :)

imi plac cele cu ciocolata

Cam greu de ales. vreau din toate. aroma mea preferata este de mere - scortisoara,dar,la cum arata uit ca s la regim si promit sa ma "sacrific" :D

Am mancat macarons in Franta si tare m-am bucurat cand am aflat ca sunt si in Bucuresti. Cele de vanilie sunt preferatele mele.

In momentul asta cel mai mult `imi fac cu ochiul' cele de zmeura. desi nici vanilia sau cafeaua nu suna rau. De fapt poftesc la aceste macaroons de aproximativ 2 saptamani, cand am vazut o poza cu ele pe un blog. Mi s-au parut atat de apetisante ca n-am mai putut sa-mi iau gandul de la ele. Ce fericire sa aflu ca se gasesc si in Bucuresti! Cred ca-mi voi satisface pofta cat mai curand )

Cred ca as alege Macarons cu zmeura,tare bine arata

toate arata marfa si le-as incerca pe toate dar cele cu visine ar fi primele pe lista:)

toate aromele sunt irezistibile, si ar fi imposibil sa aleg o aroma dar na tre sa zic una:mar si scortisoara,o combinatie fatala:D

Prajiturelele astea arata vazut doar pozele si imi ploua in gusta din toate sortimentele,dar pentru ca trebuie sa aleg le-as alege pe cele cu ciocolata. sau pe cele de cafea. hmmm. si pe cele de trandafir.

Arata super toate. Sigur sunt bune toate. Oscilez intre visine si lamaie. Totusi am vazut ca au si cutiute cu arome asortate. Ceea ce imi incanta privirea si nu numai :P

Imi plac mult fructele mai acrisoare, deci cele cu visine ar fi perfect, oricum nu m-as supara sa le incerc pe toate :) , mai ales ca vine ziua mea acum pe 18, poate merit acest cadou, multumesc

Toate imi plac si as vrea sa le incerc.sunt minunate,arata bine si mai sunt si dietetice.Pentru ca trebuie sa aleg ,ma opresc la cele cu aroma de trandafir si de ciocolata.

Sunt o mare "consumatoare " de dulciuri si pot spune ca mi-ar placea sa le gust pe cele cu zmeura , deoarece arata bine si-mi lasa gura plina de apa numai cand le vad.

sunt delicioase am reusit sa gust cateva de la o prietena si doar dikn acelea miam dat seama ca au un gust extraordinar si eu cred ca cea mai delicioasa este cea cu visine si cele cu mere dar si cele cu scortisoara dar cele cu visine sunt extraordinare doar cu aceste arome am gustat dar cred ca restul mmmmmm sunt foart delicioasesi eu chear regret ca nu am gustat si din celelente.

Toate prajiturile Macarons sunt atragatoare, au aspect care imi incanta privirea. Eu cred ca sunt minunate si la gust.Dintre toate aromele as alege cele cu mar si scortisoara.

hm. looks great. se spune ca madam Lucie este povestea unei pasiuni aduse din Franta. eu asociez Franta cu eleganta, dantela ,pasiune. ceea ce vad ca se reflecta si in aceste delicatese. mi-ar placea sa mananc din cele cu scortisoara si mar sau vanilie =p

Din cate am vazut,toate sortimentele sunt irezistibile,insa cred totusi ca le-as alege pe cele cu zmeura,datorita prospetimii acestei arome. delicios.

Sunt sigur ca toate sunt splendide. Eu aleg cele cu ciocolata, pentru ca ciocolata este prietena mea cea mai buna.

Dintre cate prajituri am vazut, imi inchipui ca toate sunt foarte apetisante si daca trebuie sa-mi aleg o aroma, atunci optez pentru cele cu visine, deoarece ador gustul aromat al visinelor.

Toate sortimentele arata minunat si sunt sigura ca au un gust si o savoarea. sunt inrestibile. Preferatele mele sunt cele cu: vanilie, zmeura, visine, lamaie, potocala, trandafir.

Ooo, ce tare m-as imprieteni cu draga Madame Lucie! N-ar mai scapa de prezenta mea de dimineata la cafea si sunt convinsa ca m-ar rasfata cu toate macaron(urile)! Nu as gasi masura la cele cu Vanilie si la cele cu Cafea! Arata grozav! Recunosc ca sunt usor de impresionat cand vine vorba de . ambalaj! apreciez bunul gust si finetea in care sunt prezentate aceste dulcegarii! Si constat cu surprindere placuta ca pretul nu este deloc intangibil! Felicitari dvs pentru textul de prezentare! Frumos!

E greu de tot sa alegi. hm. as incepe cu gustatul cu. cele de cafea

Mi-e foarte greu sa aleg. dar aroma de visine is my favourite:)

Acest weekend am avut placerea sa gust les plus bons macarons de Bucarest., evident de la Madame Lucie.Eu am incercat aromele zmeura,cafea,visine si lamaie. Cu siguranta vreau sa le incerc pe toate, dar cred ca aroma de trandafir va fi castigatoare pentru mine:)

Cred ca optez pentru cele cu zmeura desi mi-e foarte greu de ales,toate ma atrag

Preferatele mele sunt cele de ciocolata,ador ciocolata sub orice forma insa de calitate sa fie,iar acestea sigur sunt de calitate

Ma atrag toate sortimentele insa preferatele mele sunt cele cu ciocolata.

Imi plac toate dulciurile in general si in special cele cu aroma de cafea sau ciocolata. Toate sotrimentele de Macarons arata minunat, dar ma atrag mult cele cu cafea.

Incintatoare ideea acestui concurs.Dulciurile sunt un lux pe care si-l poate permite oricine si un cadou pe care poti sa-l oferi oricui indiferent de virsta si sex.Sortimentul Macarons cu lamiie mi-a inflacarat imaginatia, dar as testa cu placere toate sortimentele.Am norocul ca pot minca orice si oricit fara sa ma ingras si ador sa testez in fiecare zi, daca se poate, delicii culinare.

Imi plac prajiturile cu aroma de cafea, dar toate sortimentele de Macarons arata minunat si sunt sigura ca si gustul este pe masura.

Preferatele mele sunt cele cu ciocolata pentru ca sunt inebunita dupa dulciurile cu ciocolata, dar sa fiu sincera cred ca as manca cate o cutie din toate sortimentele.

cele cu zmeura ma imbie dar sunt sigur ca toate aromele sunt delicioase.

Cred ca mi-ar placea foarte mult cele cu mere si scortisoara dar le-as incerca " cu mare pofta" pe toate si culorile sunt fenomenale. Trebuie sa-mi cumpar o bluzita verde nuanta "macarons cu mere si scortisoara" :)

as alege macarons cu zmeura.

as incerca aroma de vanilie

Eu una nu reusesc sa ma hotarasc asupra unui singur sortiment. Toate arata minunat, iar gustul cred ca este pe masura. Cred ca varianta "asortate" este cea mai potrivita. imi doresc sa ma indulcesc cu asemenea bunatati.

vanilie si ciocolata ar fi super

as incerca vanilie si ciocolata

imi plac toate dulciurile

Toate arata excelent. desi cel mai mult cred ca le-as incerca pe cele cu ciocolata..

sunt atat de colorate si par extrem de delicioase. mi-as infige dintisorii in cele cu lamaie si in cele cu mere si scortisoara

. nici nu stiu ce sa aleg, pe langa varietatea de arome, numai cand le vezi, ti se activeaza toate papilele gustative:) Felicitari cui a avut ideea sa aranjeze toate sortimentele intr-o cutie. asa nu mai trebuie sa te gandesti ca poate nu ai ales ce aroma iti place mai mult si ai ocazia sa le gusti pe toate :)

Am incercat macarons de La Duree si m-am indragostit pe loc:) Ma bucur ca macarons originale se gasesc acum si in Bucuresti cred ca as vrea sa le incerc pe cele cu vanilie si zmeura :)) (de fapt, as vrea sa le incerc pe toate!!) Ca si La Duree, imi place ca macarons de la Madame Lucie sunt ambalate in cutiute chic si care redau atmosfera pariziana

le-as incerca pe cele cu zmeura,tare bine arata

Toate par delicioase! Recunosc ca le-as incerca pe toate dar ca sa aleg cele cu lamaie sunt preferatele mele

Am descoperit Madame Lucie intr-un context cum nu se putea mai potrivit: in cel mai prestigios hotel din Romania, la Carol Parc Hotel in cadrul unei expozitii florale . erau din aceeasi "poveste" cu florile si cu hotelul: frumoase, colorate, delicate, elegante, speciale. Cand le-am gustat am mai descoperit cateva atribute: fine, pufoase, usor crocante la exterior dar foarte moi in interior, delicioase. Le stiam si pe cele de prin oras dar sunt incomparabile: chiar ai senzatia ca gusti o delicatesa frantuzeasca facuta pentru cele mai rafinate gusturi. Le-am incercat pe toate evident, erau 9 arome diferite. m-am indragostit de cele lila, de trandafiri: au exact gustul pe care mi-l inchipuiam ca ar trebui sa il aiba. aromat dar nu foarte dulce, plin, dar delicat in acelasi timp, si foarte "natural". ca atunci cand arunci trri petale de trandafir intr-un pahar cu apa. So: Roses Rules! So do Madame Lucie!

ce placere sa gasesc macarons la Bucuresti, se apre ca micul Paris isi regaseste un pic sarmul de altadata. ador toate aceste prajiturele, dar preferatele mele sunt macarons de trandafir.

Cele cu visine imi fac cu ochiul!

yammyyy. din start le aleg pe cele cu ciocolata!preferatele mele!bafta!pupici!

Toate par delicioase! Recunosc ca le-as incerca pe toate dar ca sa aleg cele cu Zmeura sunt preferatele mele

O gustare perfecta dupa o zi de munca sau un mic rasfat dupa ora de sala :) Mere - scortisoara, visine si ciocolata. Trandafirul pentru un week-end romantic.

Pe toate le-as incerca, dar cred ca cele cu visine vor fi sortimentul meu preferat de macaron, urmate indeaproape de cele cu lamaie.

pe toate vreau sa le incerc dar m-as opri intai la cele cu ciocolata.

sincera sa fiu as vrea sa le incerc pe toateeeee ))

cati castigatori pot fi? cand se anunta castigatorul? si daca castigatorul nu e din bucuresti va primi prajiturile ? va rog sa ma iertati dar sunt foarte nerabtatoare sa vad daca am castigat ca eu de aici din orasu meu sincera sa fiu nu am de unde sa le cumpar si doresc sa le degust dinou ca cele cu visine si mere cu scorcisoara au fost delicioase va spun sincer alele nam custat car cred ca sunt delicioase ca am vazut in mesajele scrise de nai sus ok bine eu va astept cu raspunsul)) :) )

Cel cu trandafiri, clar! Miam!

Mie imi plac mult prajiturile cu vanilie si daca as avea ocazia as vrea sa incerc Macarons cu vanilie. Bineanteles ca si celelalte sortimente isi au fanii lor si sunt sigura ca toate aromele sunt delicioase.

Incercati-le pe toate pentru ca sunt un deliciu. Dar preferate-le mele raman cele cu VIOLETE!( si am fost prima care le-a incercat :D ) Ganduri bune

Cu siguranta toate sunt delicioase insa cele cu ciocolata sunt cele care imi fac cu ochiul.sunt innebunita dupa ciocolata desi nu ar trebui sa imi fie capul la asa ceva. Sunt in pragul nuntii si as vrea sa mai dau jos cateva kg, acesta este si motivul pt care am intrat pe site-ul dvs.mi-as dori din suflet sa castig, sunt tare curioasa sa incerc prajiturile macarons.

Pot pe toate? Azi am papat placinta de mere, deci aleg mere - scortisoara, daca nu pot pe toate.

Cate sortimenteeee !! cred ca preferatele mele sunt cele cu visine , dupa ezitari indelungi. -cocos, mar si scortisoara, dovleac si scortisoaraa, bananeee-. par delicioaseee!!

Desert prajitura rapida cu mere - Pomme nantais - Rețete

600 g carne de vita (ca pentru gulas, piept, rasol, antricot)
3 banane plantain verzi
2 chopped onions
1 ardel verde
3 tomatoes
2 tablespoons oil
2 Kub-uri de vita
1 lingura pudra de curry
salt pepper

Method of preparation:

Spalati carnea si taiati-o in bucati.

Incalziti uleiul intr-o oala adanca si reveniti carnea.
Puneti sare, piper..

Adaugati ceapa si reveniti impreuna. Puneti rosiile si ardeiul si reveniti totul cateva minute.
Varsati deasupra 1 l de apa fiarta, cuburile de vita su pudra de curry.
Puneti piper si aduceti la fierbere.
Acoperiti oala si mijotati la foc potrivit timp de 40 de minute (25 de minute la oala minune).
Adaugati apoi bananele taiate si gatiti inca 15 minute .

Serviti fierbinte, acompaniati de orez sau piureu de cartofi. Este foarte buna atat cu banane sau fara :)